Our Services

Our Services

ACG Monthly Support Plans

Our ACG Monthly Support Plans are designed to wrap all of our core business support services into one single, simple monthly “per machine” payment.

We recognize that your technology is as important to your business, regardless of how many people you employ, as it is to Blue Chip organizations. Having IT Support is essential, but a Small Business may not require (or be able to financially support) a full time position. With our Monthly Support Plans you have access to resilient engineering cover, no need to plan for holiday or sickness cover.

Our Monthly Support Plan levels are tiered, based on the number of machines you would like supported. Unlike most other IT Support companies, we do not distinguish between Server and Workstation support. A network machine is a network machine, and our team is able to support all of your infrastructure. For a fraction of the cost of a dedicated IT Support person, you will receive Tier 1 Priority Support, preventative maintenance, remote support and inclusive on-site service calls. Our team is ready to support you!

ACG Preventative Maintenance

Not every Small Business needs Monthly Support. However, just like an automobile your IT Systems need regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to function and support your core business activities as required.

We therefore offer our Preventative Maintenance as a standalone service. We conduct our Maintenance visits on a Quarterly basis, coordinating with you to find a suitable date and time that will lessen the operational impact on your business. Maintenance is normally only available during our normal Business Support Hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, excluding Public Holidays), however if a weekend is more suitable then we will do our best to accommodate you.

Our Preventative Maintenance Service is charged on a per machine, per visit basis. As with the Monthly Support Plans, the charges are Tiered depending on the number of machines you would like to place on contract.

Our Preventative Maintenance contact customers also receive Tier 2 Priority Support.

ACG Cloud Backup Service

Our ACG Cloud Backup Service is designed for any size of Business customer, and provides a customizable, secure and fully automated backup of your key business data to our cloud storage. We take care of the management, monitoring and reliability for you.

Visit our dedicated ACG Cloud Backup Services site for more information:

ACGeeks Backup Solutions

ACG Service Center

Our Service Center, located in Winter Haven FL, takes care of any hardware or software repairs to your key business technology. Our team can also assist with any new equipment purchases, and has a “walk-in” facility for any customers needing immediate technology support. We offer a full diagnostics process, ensuring that any performance issues are accurately identified, and can then provide our customers with options for remedial action.

For more information on our Service Center location and operating hours, please visit our dedicated ACG Service Center site:



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Coming Soon: ACG Managed Services

We are in the final stages of testing our Managed Services client solution, which will provide our Business Clients with real-time monitoring and support.

Once installed, our Business Services Team will receive live alerts when a part of your network is failing, be able to remotely effect repairs (where possible) or contact you immediately to schedule an on-site service call and also provide patch management for key business software.

Our Managed Services solution will be available as a standalone service, similar to our Preventative Maintenance, or as a chargeable add-on to the Monthly Support Plans.