ACG Client

Provides seamless and secure backup of your data to the cloud

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ACG Backup Solution protects data at every stage of the cloud backup transaction.

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Purge Options

Enable automated deletion of outdated data from your storage.

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Scheduling and Real-Time Backup

Set up a schedule or enable continuous backup process.

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About Us

We have been serving the Central Florida area since 2006! We truly are the best at what we do, we truly do care and we truly love our customers!

We can also provide Service Desk Technical Support, both onsite and offsite, and Global Infrastructure Monitoring.

Our solutions ensure that your technology is supporting your business 24/7.

Some of Our Clients



Our Monthly Charges are based on the amount of storage that you require and use, like a data plan for your cell phone, and so we work with you to ensure that only the data you need is actually backed up to the Cloud Storage, minimizing your costs.

Tier !

25 GB + $10.00 Installation fee

$35.00first Month
  • $25.00 Monthly
Tier 2

50 GB + $10.00 Installation Fee

$50.00first month
  • $40.00 Monthly
Tier 3

100 GB + $10.00 Installation Fee

$85.00First month
  • $75.00 Monthly
Tier 4

200 GB + $10.00 Installation Fee

$135.00First month
  • $125.00 Monthly
  • For More Storage Space Please Contact us