ACG Monthly Support Plans

Our ACG Monthly Support Plans are designed to wrap all of our core business support services into one single, simple monthly “per machine” payment.

We recognize that your technology is as important to your business, regardless of how many people you employ, as it is to Blue Chip organizations. Having IT Support is essential, but a Small Business may not require (or be able to financially support) a full time position. With our Monthly Support Plans you have access to resilient engineering cover, no need to plan for holiday or sickness cover.

Our Monthly Support Plan levels are tiered, based on the number of machines you would like supported. Unlike most other IT Support companies, we do not distinguish between Server and Workstation support. A network machine is a network machine, and our team is able to support all of your infrastructure. For a fraction of the cost of a dedicated IT Support person, you will receive Tier 1 Priority Support, preventative maintenance, remote support and inclusive on-site service calls. Our team is ready to support you!